Order Management / Reverse Logistics

At GGM we want to know and study your supply chain to see where we can get some challenge and opportunity. In this way we can make a customized logistics solution, giving a competitive opportunity to your market.

After more than 27 years of experience, we have a series of knowledge and studies of your supply chain.


Manual order management

  • Integral picking

  • Palletizing

  • Labeled

  • Packaging

  • Bagged

  • Ironing

  • Sewing of label

  • Sets classification

  • Stuck


Reverse Logistics

Classification by bar code

Classification of returns by bar code.

Classification by reference

Classification by reference with possibility to change it (bar code).

Classification by families

Classification grouping by families, model, quality.

Classification of garments / products

Classification of garments / products grouped in more than one unit.

Sorting by separation

Sort apart by shops and/or stores.


Machining with sorter

  • Able to classify 2.000 products/hour.
  • System EDI

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